Beverly Hills: Going first class

Beverly Hills Flats, 90210, is one of the most exclusive coveted … [Read on ... ]

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Culver City: Studios, schools, fun!

"The Heart of Screenland" is so named because of the historical and … [Read on ... ]

Culver City children downtown playing in fountain

Westchester: Charming, affordable, ideal

Think about walking down a tree lined street filled with beautiful, … [Read on ... ]

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Playa Del Rey: Clean air, cool condos

Sitting mostly at sea level, with its west side bordering the Pacific … [Read on ... ]


Mar Vista: ‘Heart of the Westside’

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Mar Vista California

Beverlywood: East Coast feel on the Westside

This city is special. Composed of mixed architecture of … [Read on ... ]

Beverlywood California in L.A.

Foreclosures & loan mods

Credit score with foreclosure and short sales

Credit is the golden calf impacting your financial future. When facing the loss of your home, the decision to modify your loan, short sale your house or just to let your home foreclose can have a long-term impact on your credit. Short sale vs. … [More...]

roulette wheel for post on loan modifications

Why is it so hard to get a loan modification? Homeowners in Beverly Hills, Culver City and Westchester would like to know. Are the odds of getting a loan modification similar to hitting a zero on at a Roulette table in Vegas? The short … [More...]

distressed homeowners with deficiency

Here are two big pieces of the puzzle for distressed homeowners: deficiency judgments after a short sale, and the impact of foreclosures on deficiency judgments. A deficiency judgment is an unsecured monetary judgment against a borrower whose sale … [More...]

News & analysis

short sale sign: forgiveness tax relief

Solutions to tax forgiveness on short sales

Los Angeles property owners facing foreclosure are concerned about tax forgiveness on short sales. Homeowners who are concerned about their future do all they can avoid foreclosure. Fortunately for some, California has special provisions for those facing foreclosure. In preparing for a short sale, the sellers often ask: Are there exemptions from the taxation of cancellation … [More...]

Loan modification logo feds

Loan modification: A bad report card

HAMP, the government-sponsored entity put in place to help troubled borrowers, is not doing its job for homeowners facing foreclosure. The Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) has issued a report sharply criticizing mortgage servicers for failing to keep up with the volume of applications for mortgage modifications through … [More...]

Foreclosure and Short Sale tax forgiveness is a gift.

Update: Federal taxes on forgiven short sales

Update: Federal Taxes on Short Sales Forgiven in CA 2014   Since the Mortgage Debt relief act of 2007 expired in December 2013 there has been much confusion over the issue of the IRS tax on short sales in California.  Although we do not have a law currently in place defining the forgiveness of Federal Taxes on Short Sales in California for  2014 we do have a documented … [More...]