Soothing words for suffering short sellers

Sellers Pain of Foreclosure 220Are you suffering because you’re facing foreclosure? Who wouldn’t be.

Let’s look at this basic question: Who owns your home?

Unless it’s completely paid off, the bank owns your home. Always has.

You’ve owned the experience of home ownership — you never owned the home.

No doubt you are suffering with the uncertain outlook for your future and the financial security of your family. It is painful to have to give up something that has given you peace of mind, memories and security.

But, in truth, what you had was a false sense of security. The bank always has held the note to your home.

I hear you. I understand your suffering.

In suffering there is no momentum; things remain static, holding the pain.

Moving on with your life through a short sale and avoiding foreclosure is your catalyst for change. Even if you don’t succeed, you probably will have fewer regrets.

Once you are released of the burden of suffering you can start your life new.

New experiences you can own, without the bank.

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