Short Sale Package: What you’ll need

homeowner preps Short Sale Package1. Copies of the most recent mortgage statements.

2. Copies of your last two years’ tax returns.

3. Copies of your most recent month’s paycheck stubs (for you and your spouse).

4. Copies of your most recent bank account statements, covering 2 months. (Include all pages of the statements.)

5. A letter, written in your own words, outlining the facts associated with your financial distress. Be clear about the hardship that you got into the situation. Detail the steps you’ve taken to deal with the problem.

6. Supporting documents for your hardship letter. For example, a letter from your doctor(s), a Certificate of Divorce or medical bills.

7. Complete the financial statement. (I can provide an easy form for this.)

8. Include an extra key to the property. This will be placed in a lock box on the property.

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