Getting help from Fannie Mae

Are you a homeowner facing foreclosure on the Westside of Los Angeles? Attempting a loan modification and finding the process overwhelming?

Well, now there is help for financially strapped borrowers right here in Culver City.

Government-sponsored entity Fannie Mae, which owns over 40% of home mortgages in the country, has opened a facility here to provide free and comprehensive counseling to troubled borrowers.

The objective, according to Jeffery Hayward, a Fannie Mae senior vice president, “is to help people understand their financial situation and find an answer.”

The help centers are “intended to counteract local scams and groups that charge fees for modification, and foreclosure-prevention services,” he said.

A Fannie Mae representative will review your financial situation, explain options and even help with the paperwork. The reps have direct contacts with the different lenders. Once a homeowner gets the process initiated, counselors encourage homeowners to keep communication open with their banks.

I called (866) 442-8576 and within 4 minutes was directed to a Fannie Mae office in Phoenix. This office said that when all lines were busy, calls are directed here. I called back again and got the Culver City office immediately.

The process seems fairly simple: Start by finding out if your loan is owned by
Fannie Mae
. Once you determine that Fannie Mae does in fact own your loan, contact the office and request its specific borrower’s package.

Fill out and submit your package, and then make an appointment. Currently the wait time to see a loan counselor is about a week. Files are handled individually, on a case-by-case basis.

At long last, face-to-face help for homeowners here on the Westside. And it’s absolutely free! No scams. No hidden charges.

Details can be found at

Getting in touch with Fannie Mae:
Call direct: (866) 442-8576
E-mail Fannie Mae

Westside office:
6041 Bristol Parkway
Culver City, CA 90230
Directions (Close to Westfield/Fox Hills)

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