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new yearI have witnessed too many people losing their beloved homes and making uneducated decisions in the Los Angeles Westside.

There are quiet problems for homeowners in sweet little communities like Westchester, Rancho Park and Mar Vista.

Unemployment, divorce, medical circumstances and just plain bad luck in a bad economy have forced desperate homeowners to make ill-informed decisions about loan modifications.

Do you know that what you tell your lender could cost you your home and future liability?

2011 was one of the most surreal and challenging years for me personally. I am now a “cancer survivor.” Not a very exclusive club, I know.

My cancer was a fluke, something deemed “highly unlikely.” Nevertheless I have experienced something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Seeing children in the treatment center was heartbreaking. I am more humble and grateful with every day of my resumed excellent health.

Thinking back, I wish I had had a guide to show me what to expect along my journey.

Now is the time to give back. Let’s navigate the pitfalls of your loan modification together. Fewer than 1 in 10 homeowners have obtained effective relief through loan modifications. Will you be that “1” statistic?

This last year has empowered me to move forward as a Certified Default Advocate. It is my honor to help you.

For the past three years my mentor, Lee Honish, has taught me to think like your lender. Please check out this video: (text continues)

Please contact me, Cindy Marty, about free loan modification counseling from a Certified Default Advocate.

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