NACA back in L.A., bringing hope

Attention Westside homeowners: NACA is back, bringing pre-foreclosure solutions.

Loan modification assistance will be available Feb. 16-20 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America was in Los Angeles last year and changed the life of many Los Angeles Westside homeowners with permanent affordable solutions that helped them avoid foreclosure. I wrote about the NACA program at the time.

This is not a loan modification scam. NACA is a non-profit organization that is HUD certified. Check out this video:

NACA’s work as a third-party advocate helped the Chandlers of Westchester with an interest rate reduction of 2.5%, lowering their monthly bills enough to allow them to keep their home from going into foreclosure.

The Lopez family of Culver City were underwater with their home loan. With the help of NACA they received an interest rate reduction of 3.25% for 3 years, enabling them to avoid the crippling effects of a foreclosure.

A family in Beverlywood (name withheld) was in a distressed position because of staggering medical bills. Working with the family for just two days, NACA was able to keep them in their home. This family had been attempting to negotiate with their lender for more than three months.

naca loan modification program imageNACA counselors help families work on a budget that focuses on affordable house payments. Most major lenders and investors are available at the convention center to help complete your process.

Can you imagine, all the decision makers in one place? You go from one station to another, and quite possibly leave with a solution. No calling and being put on hold with a servicer. No lenders losing your paperwork.

Even if you live in Beverlywood, Pacific Palasades or Beverly Hills, NACA can help with your loan modification.

All families seeking affordable solutions are welcome. NACA doesn’t exclude you if you live in Reseda, Palos Verdes, Beverlywood, Culver City, Westchester or Beverly Hills. All holders of purchase money loans are welcome.

Bring the following items to the NACA event, if possible:

  • Verification of income: If employed, 30 days of pay stubs. If self-employed, six months of bank statements
  • Tax returns. Have three years handy, but only give what is asked.
  • Mortgage statement
  • Property tax statement
  • Property insurance statement
  • Your photo I.D.

Here’s what to expect from processing at the NACA event. These four steps are about solutions:

  1. Orientation
  2. Counseling Session (submission to lender)
  3. Meet your lender (most lenders & investors will be at the event and they work with everyone).

  4. Solutions

Get as much paperwork done before the Los Angeles event as you can. Even if you live locally, in Westchester, Beverly Hills or Mar Vista, you’ll appreciate being at the head of the line when you preregister. Contact NACA at 1-888-499-6222.

Let NACA help you save the dream.

Please let me know how NACA helped you with your loan modification.


  1. What if your are a first time buyer. Should you register? What are the salary limits for one or two persons in a family. Thanks

  2. Hi Linda,
    Naca’s direct contact is:
    Call, Toll free 1-888-302-NACA
    Email address:
    They can tell you current their requirements. If you don’t meet NACA requirements I have other fantastic lenders. Do you need any help with your home search? The MLS map based search on this site is real time and I won’t bother you unless you need help.
    Best of Luck,

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