Why are we in this housing mess?

What is the cause of the housing mess?OK so I talk at length on these subjects: the truth about loan modifications, foreclosure’s impact on credit, the advantages of short sales and how the current real estate laws are in homeowners’ favor.

But what is the source of these problems? Is there an answer to why we are in this housing mess and the worst economic cycle since the great depression?

It doesn’t matter where homeowners live — whether in Beverly Hills, Culver City or Westchester — the question comes up. If the question doesn’t come up it’s because homeowners have given up. Sad but true.

While not an expert in the history of finance, I have studied economics and am a Real Estate nerd. This 12-minute video tells how foreclosure & bankruptcy have been embedded into our banking system. It’s worth viewing if you want a simple answer to a very complicated question.

This video does give a good idea of why the real estate market cycles every 7-10 years.

Thankfully we now have short sales so homeowners can move on with their lives with reduced impact on their credit.

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