Buying advice

buyer searches for home in L.A.

Buying a home on the Westside in 7 steps

1. Which Westside neighborhood suits your lifestyle?
Culver City, Westchester, Mar Vista, Playa Del Rey, Beverlywood?

Real Estate has historically held its value on the Westside. Key points to consider are schools, transportation and lifestyle.

2. Create home-search criteria
What must you absolutely have in your home? What can you possibly live without? Unless you are buyer in the upper-income category, Westside homes are generally modest in size. My eye for homes always analyzes what modifications have been done on a house or can be done with the basic structure of the home. Does the house have “good bones”?

3. Get preapproved for a home loan
Speak to a reputable lender to find out how much of a loan you can qualify for and how it will impact your lifestyle. Your lender is a key component in any successful real estate transaction. Additionally, a tax expert or financial planner can advise you on the possible advantages of homeownership.

4. Make a plan of action
What is your timeframe? When would you like to view homes? May people prefer to see open houses on weekends. Some of my clients enjoy the convenience of viewings during their lunch hour. My approach is no-pressure service.

5. Make an offer
To make an offer that will be considered we need to analyze the “fair market value” and take into consideration negotiable terms of the offer contract.

Generally a 3 percent good-faith deposit and a preapproval letter will be required so that the seller knows you are a serious buyer. If you are making an offer on a short sale, depositing your good faith money into escrow may or may not be to your advantage.

6. Navigate escrow
Escrow is a neutral third-party who follows the instructions given in the real estate contract. Once your offer is accepted the escrow period begins. The length of escrow can be as short as 5 days or long as 90 depending on the transaction.

During this time your most important task is “due diligence”. With the help of a home inspector and other professionals you explore all possible flaws with your home and see if you really want to be committed.

You deposit can fully be refunded during the inspection contingency period.

Your lender will send out an appraiser to verify the market value of your home is correct for the loan. Once all contingencies are met by buyer and seller, and the loan is funded, your escrow will close and the house will be your home!

7. Let’s get started!
My approach with buyers is no-pressure shopping.

If you want listings pushed to you via e-mail or you wish to search yourself it’s all
good. Once we identify a home that meets your criteria we move quickly to secure an offer.

My service is free to you — everything’s paid by the seller through escrow.