Westside short sale specialist

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The new realities in real estate demand new skills. Meet Realtor Cindy Marty, who specializes in short sales for the Westside of L.A. She's a Certified Negotiator and economist. Those skills are key when handling short sales -- along with her knack for communicating the fine print in plain English. Contact Cindy today to see if a short sale works for you. … [Read more...]

Certified Default Advocate, at your service

I have witnessed too many people losing their beloved homes and making uneducated decisions in the Los Angeles Westside. There are quiet problems for homeowners in sweet little communities like Westchester, Rancho Park and Mar Vista. Unemployment, divorce, medical circumstances and just plain bad luck in a bad economy have forced desperate homeowners to make ill-informed decisions about loan modifications. Do you know that what you tell your lender could cost you your home and … [Read more...]

Impact of deficiency judgments in Calif.

distressed homeowners with deficiency

Here are two big pieces of the puzzle for distressed homeowners: deficiency judgments after a short sale, and the impact of foreclosures on deficiency judgments. A deficiency judgment is an unsecured monetary judgment against a borrower whose sale of property, secured by a promissory note, is insufficient to cover payment of the loan note in full. In a deficiency judgment, the seller would be found personally liable for the amount of debt remaining on a note after the sale of his or her … [Read more...]