NACA advisers drive off loan sharks

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If you're fighting foreclosure, bankruptcy and the economic uncertainty that came with the subprime mortgage meltdown, attempting a loan modification in L.A. is, simply put, overwhelming. One resource that shouldn’t be overlooked is the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), an HUD-certified non-profit counseling agency. The roots of NACA are in activism. The NACA's website proudly proclaims that the group's advocacy style is aggressive and confrontational. The CEO, Bruce … [Read more...]

Lending banks are dripping out loans

Banks are Dripping out Loans and penalizing excellent buyers. It is amazing to me that no matter how much down payment a buyer has or how exceptional their credit scores it is impossible to get a loan without complications and costly delays. It seems as if the lending banks must have an intricate monitoring system that will only allow a specific number of loans within a risk analysis to be released. Logical on the lending side? Yes, Please…Could have used this in 2004. Continuing to … [Read more...]

Where to File a Complaint if you have been a Victim of Real Estate Fraud?

Homeowners resources for Real Estate and Loan Modification Fraud: File a complaint with the California Attorney General's Office. 1800-952-5225 File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. If your complaint is against a real estate broker: Department of Real Estate. If your complaint is against an attorney: State Bar of California website. You may also wish to consider filing a Small Claims Court action. These are informal courts where disputes are resolved quickly and … [Read more...]

How to stop the collection calls

Put your lender on a “Do Not Call Status." Your life is difficult enough without collection departments calling, hounding you for mortgage payments you cannot pay. Well, you do have the legal right, according to the Fair Lending Law, to request that your lender not contact you by phone once your loan is in default. Part of the short sales package I provide includes a “Please do not contact me by phone” letter to your lender. This letter tells your lender to communicate with you in … [Read more...]