5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Loan Modification Scams.

Direct from the Office of Attorney General here are 5 tips to avoid being scammed by "Foreclosure Consultants". 1. Never pay up front fees!!  "Foreclosure Consultants" are prohibited by law from collecting money before services are performed. 2.  Beware of "Foreclosure Rescuers".  These people attempt to convince home owners they can stay in their homes as renters and buy their homes back later. Sometimes they are part of a fraudulent bankruptcy filing.  Either way if you transfer … [Read more...]

Home price predictions for 2010

Will home prices continue to fall in 2010? Although nobody has a crystal ball some research groups are predicting continuing declines in the overall marketplace. And some are predicting a very modest increase. I find it interesting that "Housing Experts" have such a varying degree of opinions. So much so one wonders who to believe. Fiserve Lending Solutions is predicting an average of 11.3% decline in the 342 of the 381 markets it covers. Moody's Economy site foresees … [Read more...]